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Medical Marijuana Essay

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Kris Pearson
5th block

Is Medical Marijuana good medicine?
The Los Angeles City Council voted to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of LA. The Harborside Health Center in Oakland is fighting a federal property forfeiture order. Some proponents of medical marijuana think pot is “natural” and no worse than legally prescribed drugs. This can be addictive and lead to dangerous side effects. Natural isn’t the standard for whether or not a drug is safe. Just because some doctors practice bad medicine with legal drugs doesn’t make marijuana a good medicine.
Most people who want a medical marijuana card know there are doctors who will give you a recommendation after a few questions. Medical marijuana just gives out a free “get out of jail card” to people who just want marijuana.
Marijuana acts on the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. These receptors influence just about every function in the body, like memory, attention, disposition, motivation, appetite, and sleep. Although, a lot chronic marijuana users insist that marijuana isn’t as addictive as alcohol and other drugs. However, neuroscience and reports of withdrawal in humans show that marijuana is indeed addictive. Marijuana can effectively treat neuropathic pain, and it has been shown to reduce appetite and reduce nausea in cancer and AIDs patients. Another thing is that those who use marijuana to deal with mental problems don’t know that   instead of helping symptoms, it may cause them.
` Marijuana and its health benefits all depend on dosage and quality. Sometimes they may come from cleaner sources than a drug cartel. So, do you think that medical marijuana is easier to get, or chronic marijuana?

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