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Meee Essay

  • Submitted by: meenakumari
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: English
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Here is a list of some of the most common words associated with Biodiversity:

Biodiversity is a contraction of “biological diversity. “ Biodiversity reflects the number, variety and variability of living organisms.

Biological Resources: Those components of biodiversity of direct, indirect, or potential use to humanity.

Biome: A major portion of the living environment of a particular region characterized by its distinctive vegetation and maintained by local climatic conditions

Cultural diversity: Variety of human social structures, belief systems, and strategies for adapting to situations in different parts of the world.

Ecosystem: A dynamic complex of plant, animal and micro-organism communities and their non-living environment interacting as a functional unit.

Endemic: restricted to a particular area: used to describe a species or organism that is confined to a particular geographical region, for example, an island or river basin.

Habitat: the place or type of BIODIVERSITY

Biodiversity is the part of nature which includes the difference in genes among the individuals of a species, the variety and richness of all the plant and animal species at different scales in space, locally in a region, in the country and the world and various types of ecosystems, both terrestrial and aquatic within a defined area. Biodiversity deals with the degree of nature’s variety in the biosphere.

Types of biodiversity
Genetic diversity - the genetic variability within a species.
Species diversity - the variety of species within a community
Ecosystem diversity - the organisation of species in an area into distinctive plant and animal communities.

Genetic diversity
Each member of any animal or plant species differs widely from other individuals in its genetic makeup because of the large number of combinations possible in the genes that give every individual specific characteristics. Thus, for example, each human being is very different from all others. This genetic variability...

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  • Submitted by: meenakumari
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: English
  • Length: 791 words
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