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Meli Marine Essay

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APRIL 19, 2012


Meli Marine
It was past midnight, but David Tian, CEO of Singapore-based Meli Marine, could not sleep. The
next board meeting was just two weeks away in early February 2008. Edwin Chang, the founder of
the company and chairman of the board, had called earlier to hear Tian’s assessment of a potential
acquisition. “This could be the biggest turning point in Meli’s history,” Chang had said. “Are we
ready to become a global player?” Tian had to admit that he had not yet reached a conclusion.
The acquisition under consideration was of the vessel assets of an indirect competitor, Teeh-Sah
Holdings. Teeh-Sah operated a container carrier business in the trans-Pacific, Asia-to-North America
shipping lanes. It had announced in late 2007 that it would exit the vessel operations business to
concentrate on its much larger terminal-management operations, and it was selling 16 ships with an
average capacity of 4,500 TEUs1 each. Meli Marine was a leading container carrier in the intra-Asia
market, but it had no presence on the major Asia-North America sea lanes. Initial discussions with
Teeh-Sah indicated that pricing for the 16 vessels would be attractive. The question that David Tian
had not yet answered was whether entering the Asia-North America market was the right move for
Meli Marine.

The Container Shipping Industry
The cargo shipping industry provides the links required for global commerce, making physical
international trade possible. Rail, road, and air transport are used where geography or cargo-type
permit, but global trade relies primarily on trans-oceanic shipping. This industry is comprised of
four main segments: (1) container shipping, (2) roll-on, roll-off (also known as “ro-ro”) used
especially for vehicles, (3) industrial or bulk shipping for commodities such as steel and grains, and
(4) tanker shipping for natural gas, oil, and chemicals. Container shipping, provided by Danish...

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