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Membership Plan

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Membership Plan 2012-13

  Provide increased membership value for the marketing community so AMA is the preferred, must-have membership for marketers. Grow membership through new members, both professional and collegiate and group acquisition. Make Every Marketer Count. Elevate Member Value.

  To generate $71,500 in net income in 2012-13 through a focus on growth in new memberships and maintaining member retention of 60%. To generate overal 5% growth.

Membership Acquisition
Key Member Targets—focus on driving new member growth through the following segments of marketers
    1. Fortune 500 marketers/Small Medium Enterprise focus
    2. Shared Interest Group Members
    3. Young Professional/Collegiate

Strategies and Tactics

    • Gain Members through event conversion. Provide cost of a free SIG for drawing at each orientation. Increase Membership (individual/group) by 5% Stretch 7%
    • Group Membership
      -Direct Mail   or email Campaign
      -Target organizations that currently have 2-3 members and inform them of the discount offered for 4 or more members from the same organization
      -Target   organizations that are on the National Group Membership list and members
      -Higher Ed Target
      -Target the 36 Fortune 500 companies. Gather a list of HR Directors and CMOs who would be the target for Group Membership.

    • Initiate a targeted direct mailing to top 50-100 corporations for group membership. Increase Group Membership.

    • Provide Board Members with 2 passes to provide to best prospects for colleagues to try out AMA SIG event or Happy   Hour. KPI: Each board member brings in 2 new members.

    • Gain Members through Marketing/Advertising for spring and fall campaigns. For each campaign looking for robust growth of 3%, stretch 7%

    • Monthly new Member Orientation Meetings: Best inital point of contact for individual recruitment. People are curious about the...

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