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Memoir Essay

  • Submitted by: daicatuan
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: English
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My Memoir Essay
My small secret was my fault that happened more than nine years ago, and I have never told my parents that secret. When I was young, my favorite activity was playing computer game. Days by days, I became a game addict. Once, I did not have enough money to play game with my friends, so I decided to steal my mother’s money. That action was a bad thing that I have regretted in my whole life. Now, each time, when I remember to that action, I feel ashamed to my parents. However, my parents always think that I am a good child and a special person. That is a motivation for me to struggle becoming a good person in my parents’ eyes and other people’s eyes.
The thing that I was afraid of was fighting with other people. When I was six or seven years old, I fought with a boy who was older than me. At that time, I did not want to hit him, but he was more likely to fight me. We were fighting to each other while his brother was watching us. Unfortunately, when I almost won him, his brother rushed to me and fought me. So I had to fight with two boys, and I was hurt and lost my toys. The reason led to that fighting was that they wanted to take my toys. Since then, I became a weak man and did not want to fight them again. Now, I am an adult. If I meet them, I will tell them that they took my toys. And I can fight anyone who just does like two boys did in my childhood. So I can control myself which situation to fight someone or not.
When I was a child, I misunderstood a lot of thing. However, the memorable thing I missed was that I did not understand the concept of becoming a good person. I wasted a lot of time to play games and learned nothing about what happened around me. During the time, I was in school and was taught about how to become a good person, but I still did not know what a good person meant. I thought a good person meant that I needed to do all things perfectly. During that time, I just went to school, and when I finished school, I just went home....

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