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Memoir Essay

  • Submitted by: kweenbee
  • on October 18, 2013
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Maybe You Should Listen After All

I was outside playing in the big green pastures field behind my house. I loved gymnastics and I was never able to attend a gymnastics class. Every day after school, I always ran into the backyard and turned flips, cartwheels, or whatever my heart desired and imagines I was one of the gymnasts that I watched on television at night. It started to get late and my mother was calling for me to come inside, “Nautori Alize it’s time to come inside it is getting cold and dark” I replied to her, “but I love doing flips and I can’t do them inside the house”, then my mother said “Nautori Alize Connor! I said bring yo’ butt in this house right now! You need to take a bath and get ready for school in the morning”, so I put my head down and went inside. My mother ran me a warm bath and helped me wash myself, my hair, and to dry me off. When I finished I put on my tinker bell onesie, that didn’t have the feet in it, and my mom went into her room and I went and joined my sisters in the living room. We were watching some kind of gymnastics show on the television. I absolutely loved gymnastics so much. I started to mimic what I was watching, “Tori stop doing them flips before you hurt yourself or break something” my mother yelled into the living room. “Yes ma’am” I yelled back and sat back down and just watched again. “Tori, isn’t that cool?” my younger sister La’Sharee asked. My other younger sister Raenisha said “I bet you can’t do that!” So I replied to the both of them and said “Yes it’s very amazing, and didn’t you just Here mom tell me to stop flipping in the house?” My little sister still insists I do the flips just to prove to her I can. “I DARE YOU!” she said.
I heard those words and everything in my mind went out the window. The only thing going through my tiny brain was ‘do it she dared you, remember never back down from a dare. But wait mom said no, oh well I’ll be ok’. “Alright I’m going to do it,” I got off the...

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