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Memorandum for the Research Assignment Essay

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Date:   07/24/12
To:     Maureen Harrison, CEO
Subject:   THL Business Intelligence Systems.
      The purpose of this memo is to provide analysis and recommendations for THL. THL is a great company with wonderful business goal, and just like any other company or corporation its main goal is to increase profit. The following recommendations and analysis will help this company run more effectively and efficiently. The external data including Age, Hobbies and Name, address, phone, if purchased and imported into the data warehouse, will create an increase in revenue and profit.
      With the age external data, THL know the target market or segment it needs to focus on. In that segment, hobbies external data will describe the things those people are interested or involved with such as if the like the outdoors and camping, thereby narrowing down the market segment or target. Then Name, address, phones external data will enable THL to communicate the clients or customers who matched the search and make offers to them.
      Also, internal information such as market basket analysis and external information like income can be used to see the performance of the recommended approach above. The market basket analysis will tell show how frequent the customers uses THL for vocation plan and the income will reflect on the package the select.
      Introducing data mining techniques to your business such as regression analysis is an excellent idea. The data mining technique will show the impact of the changes you are making on your company and how it reflects on the business as a whole and in one another. Furthermore, it will tell you that if the change is relevant or not.
      Moreover, I heard that your company wants to incorporate knowledge Management System (KM System) into business plan. This is great news; introduction to KM system will change lot things such as decreasing cost of operational activities. If employees are able to share...

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