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Memory Analysis

  • Submitted by: kmg92987
  • on November 12, 2012
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Memory Article Analysis
This paper will examine the nature of memory distortion, explain the controversy associated with recovered repressed memories, and analyze the concept of autobiographical memory. Each section will also convey examples by utilizing selected article that convey studies that were conducted which illustrate each point.
Nature of Memory Distortion
Memory distortion illustrates an error in remembering. Memory distortion occurs through the loss of information from memory over a period of time along with problems with the interface between attention and long-term memory. Memory distortion has can be broken down into sins of omission and sins of commission. The sins of omission consist of transience, which illustrates the decreasing accessibility of memory over time, absentmindedness, which depicts lapses of attention and forgetting to do things and blocking, which conveys the temporary inaccessibility of stored information. The sins of commission consist of misattribution, which consist of attribution of memories to incorrect sources or believing that something was seen or heard, suggestibility, which incorporates misinformation into memory due to leading questions, deceptions and other causes, bias which is retrospective distortions that are produced by current knowledge and beliefs and lastly, persistence which is the unwanted recollections that people cannot forget, such as the unwanted memories as post-traumatic stress disorder (Roberson-Riegler & Roberson-Riegler, 2008). Even though memory becomes distorted over a period of time, it can become distorted within a matter of seconds from an occurring event.
The article: Your Memory of Events is Distorted within Seconds illustrated a study that was conducted to illustrate how an individual’s memory can become distorted within a matter of seconds. The study involved fifty-eight individuals who watched three types of thirty second silent video clips. Each clip depicted a person kicking,...

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