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Men's And Women's Thinking Essay

  • Submitted by: lolo1
  • on February 19, 2012
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Men’s and Women Thinking: Are They Alike?
Some wives think that their husbands’ feelings toward them had been changed, or vice versa; however, the truth is that the main reason behind women’s thinking is that the man needs to act according to his nature as a man, and woman needs to act according to her nature as a woman.It is totally wrong to neglect this fact. For example, we cannot prevent our children to behave as kids and we cannot prevent the elderly to act as aged people, or prevent the leaders to act as leaders. We cannot consider man and woman as a copy of each other, and they are perfectly similar in everything. Thus, it is completely logic to take into consideration the obvious differences between the two sexes in both aspects, psychological and physiological.
Experts and professors have never given up identifying differences between men and women, as well as explaining the scientific reasons that lead to these differences. Men’s brains are totally different from women’s brains. Not only from the form or size, but the difference is a difference of the functionality of each one of them.Men and women think differently, each one of them deals with problems in different ways even if they live in the same environment. Each one of them is provided by his tools and mechanisms. All these facts were based on various scientific evidences and through several researches that studied the human’s brain and its efficiency in the last ten years.
The woman has two communication centers, while the man only has one center to communicate and talk at the same time. This center is located in the left half of the brain. An example of this is if a man were to injure the left half of the brain, he would lead inevitably to the loss of the ability to speak and communicate. If that happens to a woman, she will be able to communicate because of the presence of the two centers.Recently, it was discovered that hundreds of genes in each one of the brains are working in different...

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