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Merchant of Venice, Act 1 Scene 2 Essay

  • Submitted by: shakhan
  • on January 25, 2013
  • Category: Shakespeare
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Sharaz Khan
Assignment 3
Act 1, Scene 2
Word Count: 1,129
Merchant of Venice
Act 1, Scene 2 of the Merchant of Venice takes place inside Portia’s bedroom. She lives
in a wealthy estate located in Belmont. The play is being shown at The Globe Theater. From the
audience’s perspective there is queen-sized bedroom on the left of the stage and a dresser on the
right of the stage. In the middle there is along rug that extends from the bed to the dresser. Portia
will be wearing a long dress made of velvet that extends to her ankles and is loose. Nerissa wears
the same clothing but her material is cotton, since velvet was usually worn by nobles. The
balcony above the main stage will be used and lighting will also be used to show emphasis on the
suitors being shown on the balcony.
The scene starts with Portia entering through the stage doors with Nerissa following her.
Stage doors are directly in the back of the stage towards the middle. As they enter, lighting will
be directed towards Portia and Nerissa. During lines 1-8 Portia slowly walks to the left of the
stage, where the dresser is, and Nerissa follows her. As they walk, Portia tells Nerissa what
bothers her. After Nerissa is done telling Portia what she thinks, Portia turns around and
commends her for her good advice. Later, Portia starts walking towards the right of the stage
slowly, where the bed is located, and Nerissa follows, while saying lines 10-19. Here she
describes how irritated she is over the fact that she can’t choose to marry who she likes or refuse
who she doesn’t. At line 20 on the word “choose”, Portia furiously turns around and says
“choose” in a loud tone, and then finishes her lines. After line 23 she walks towards the middle

where Nerissa follows her and says lines 24-30. Here Nerissa tells Portia (most likely this is
intended for the audience since it should be obvious that Portia knows this already) that her
groom will be chosen if someone can pick the correct...

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