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Mere Christianity Essay

  • Submitted by: Healydj
  • on November 13, 2012
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September 2012
Mere Christianity

Book 1 Chapter 1
Throughout this chapter C.S. Lewis is explaining how within each person is a moral code (a law).   There are different cultural standards but in all reality each person has a code which all people can relate too.   If someone backstabs all the people who have helped him out this person would be known (no matter where you live) for being untrustworthy.   Lewis goes on to say that we all have this moral idea but most of us never abide by it.   I feel like Lewis is true in this statement.   So many times we have the best way to do things and how to treat people and in reality we mess up on a lot of the rules that we setup in our own lives.
Book 1 Chapter 2
Lewis mentions that there are three different instincts in which people will abide by.   The first one is the instinct to help someone if they are in need. The second one is that if someone is in need that there might be danger so you don’t go and the third one is when you have that feeling that you should really help that person.   Most of us can tell when someone is being bad or when a group of people are doing something bad.   Lewis mentions that we compare people with our morality to decipher if they are a good person or not.   I strongly believe that what Lewis is saying is true.   Every person has this moral and through that lens we are able to tell if what someone is doing is good or if it is bad.   Lewis says that we all have this “yardstick” in which we measure people up to.
Book 1 Chapter 3
Lewis uses an example of gravity to help us better understand the reality of the law.   We all know what will happen when we throw a rock in the air; with the Law of Human nature we all know what we shouldn’t do.   We have to be careful with our reasoning about having a decent behavior because in can turn into a circular argument.   When someone asks you why we should live unselfishly and you say that it would be healthier for society and then they respond why...

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