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Mesopotamia Essay

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  • on January 8, 2013
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Mesopotamian Civilization  
Mesopotamia and its people are a very interesting topic in relation to its civilizations. Now present day Iraq, this area known as the “cradle of civilization” was the birthplace of Sumer, the first civilization, and others such as Babylon and Assyria. All of the foundations of a civilization were laid by the people which included a very powerful centralized government. With this establishment the practice of agricultural intensification began, therefore leading to the demand for people with specialization in different occupations. The formation of class evolved and major developments were made in science and writing. All of these different elements made Mesopotamia or “the land between the rivers” a fantastic early civilization.
Centralized government was definitely one of the most important necessities in terms of forming a civilization. With the idea of a majority vote unknown at the time, decisions in early governments were made on a consensual basis. Eventually a monarchy was developed and in Sumer, one king was in charge of everything. This made for a more organized and less chaotic lifestyle. King Hammurabi of Babylon was not only able to reunite the Babylonians, but he also created the first legal code which influenced nearly every civilization after it. Some of the terms of his document are still incorporated into our legal system today. Later on in the time of the Assyrians, who had the most feared army, the first true empire was established by Assurnasirpal II. Even with the limited resources and knowledge that the people of the first civilizations had at the time, they managed to develop a magnificent structure of government that would influence many future governmental systems and laws.
Along with a structured government, agricultural intensification was also something that was introduced being a characteristic of a civilization. Agriculture was the basis of the economic life and its intensification brought many things...

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