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Metaphor Essay

  • Submitted by: JuliaTruong
  • on October 7, 2012
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        Which one is the best definition of simile?

    a. Simile is the use of comparision of 2 dissimilar items.

        Simile is the use of word or phrase to indicate something different from the literal meaning.

    1. Which ones are structures of simile?

        A verb as adj as B and the first thing is a second thing

        A verb like B and the first thing is a second thing

    a. A verb as adj as B and A verb like B

      d. A verb as adj as B, A verb like B and the first thing is a second thing

      3. As_____ as a lion.

      a. aggressive

      b. strong

      c. healthy

      d. brave

      4. Which ones are correct about types of metaphor?

      a. Dead metaphor and Live metaphor

      b. Dicrect metaphor and Indicrect metaphor

      c. Dicrect metaphor and implied metaphor

      d. All are correct

      5. “His words stabbed at her heart”. This statement is:

      a. simile

      b. metaphor

      6. The similarity between simile and metaphor is that they are

      a.   not having their usual or literal meaning

      b. Implicit, indirect comparison and not use function word

      c. Explicit, direct comparison, use function word

      d. All are correct


      2.1 METONYMY

      2.1.1 DEFINITION

      Metonymy is the substitution of the name of one thing for that of another to which it is related (Course book).

      Metonymy is the act of referring to something by the name of something else that is closely connected with it (Oxford dictionary).

      Metonymy is the use of a single characteristic to identify a more complex entity (Wilkpedia free dictionary).

      Metonymy is a figure of speech that uses something closely associated with a person, thing, or concept to represent that person, thing, or concept (Figures of Speech: Metonymy...

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