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Meth Epidemic Essay

  • Submitted by: holmesboy22
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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The Overview of the video “The Meth Epidemic” was about the history of meth use around America throughout the early 90’s and 2000’s, the pharmaceutical companies and their involvement, the crimes and effects the drug had on people lives.  
Implications for community health on the issue of the meth epidemic can be good.   People within our field of work can try and help individuals who are having problems with the drug by trying to help them get off by hosting preventions classes especially in the west coast region where it’s most used out there.   The class can talk about why the drug is bad backing it up with statistics and recent reports, physical and mental symptoms of the drug and how it affects people and their live to try and raise awareness.
My personal impressions on this video were that it did a good job on presenting the viewers with statistics and critical information about meth and its findings nationwide.   Steve Suo who was the one who discovered the spikes and drops of the meth epidemic in the early 90’s presented the views with interesting information. The reasons why the spikes were so high between the 90-94 was because of the Mescore brothers who was purchasing 170 tons of Sudafed from the nine factories in India and shipped it into the U.S. From here the U.S. accounted for “2 billion” hits of meth. Just this piece of information I discovered while watching the video was really shocking to me because of how much money the Mescore brothers were making and second how the DEA didn’t noticing it sooner.   Also in the video that was somewhat disturbing to me was the fact that companies licensed by the government was making millions selling Sudafed to super labs around the country without anybody really noticing it.

The instructor should use this video again because I thought the video did a great job in showing viewers how real the meth epidemic was back in the 90’s and early 2000’s and how we should be aware of the spread of the drug.   The Meth...

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