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Microcomputer Essay

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1. List the four phases of the digital revolution?
The four phases of digital revolution is :
-Data Processing
-Personal Computing
-Network Computing
-Cloud Computing.  

  2. Describe the economic effects of the digital revolution?

Digital revolution has enhanced quality of life, from improving health care, to making it
easier for children to get better information and learn more, to giving consumers more
convenience in their interactions with business and government and making it easier to
measure environmental quality. But while these and other benefits are important, perhaps
the most important benefit of the digital revolution is its impact on economic growth. The
diffusion of information technology and telecommunications hardware, software, and
services turns out to be a powerful driver of growth, having an impact on worker
productivity three to five times that of non-IT capital (e.g., buildings and machines)

  3. List three handheld devices that would be classified as personal computers and three that would not be?
Three handheld devices that can be classified as personal computers would be portable players,
tablets and personal digital assistant (PDA) while on the other hand three handheld devices
which would not be categorized as computers include cameras, cordless telephones and
wireless printers

  4. Define the term microcontroller and provide 2 examples of devices in which they are found.
A microcontroller is a special purpose microprocessor that is built into the machine it controls. Microcontrollers can be embedded in all sorts of everyday devices. The two example of devices in which it is found is Mobile phones and computers.

  5. Letters, numbers and special characters are represented within a computer system by means of binary coding schemes .Using 8-bit convert the decimal number 233 to its binary number representation preform the conversion showing all you work

233 / 2 ---> result: 116, remainder: 1...

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