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Micromouse Competition Essay

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Micromouse Competition
Joseph Stricklin
Victoria Platt
David Larson
ITT Technical Institute

Micromouse Competition
The ActivityBot robot has a sturdy aluminum chassis; it’s durable and light-weight with numerous holes and slots for mounting a robot drive and various control systems.   The propeller activity board has a built in P8X32A programming system that is pre-wired for the most popular propellers.   The activity board also has some key features like an XBee socket to receive data from your robot wirelessly, micro SD card holder for log sensor data, bread board to build circuits without soldering, 3-pin headers to quickly connect servos. Even has a mini audio/stereo jack to listen to music or to synthesize speech.
The 2 high speed servos motors provides easily controlled bidirectional rotation with 3 times the rpm of other motors. The 4 ping ultrasonic distance sensors, one on each side of the robot, will provide an easy method of distance measuring to prevent running into walls when going forward, backward, or just turning around. The sensors will provide a precise, non-contact distance of two centimeters to a three meters range and will work in any kind of lighting and with a 3-pin header they require no soldering to install. The robot has a battery holder that can hold five AA batteries which provides more than enough power to all parts of the robot. With all of these parts plus the two O-ring tires, tail wheel ball, and the algorithm I have no doubt that the robot will find the end of the maze.
The total price for the ActivityBot builder kit is $199.00, including additional sensors which cost $29.99 each. Because you need three sensors for the robot, the grand total would be $288.97. If you decided to buy every piece separately, the total would be $294.81. This is because the chassis costs $24.99; the activity board costs $49.99; two servos cost $33.98; four sensors cost $119.96; the tail wheel ball costs $3.95; two wheels cost $7.98; the battery...

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