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Middle Ages Dbq Essay

  • Submitted by: skypilot727
  • on January 6, 2013
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During the Middle Ages in Europe there was disorder and turmoil, which led to the orderly classes of feudalism. To help the people of Europe, the church became spiritually involved and offered a way to heaven. Although there were dark times during the Middle Ages, new inventions and trade flourished. The best titles that describe the Middle Ages are the Age of Faith, the Golden Ages, and the Age of Feudalism because the church gained more power and land, Europe had a social hierarchy based on their role in society and there was an increase in trade and technology.
The Age Of Faith was a time where the church had the most power and control over Europe. The pope, the top and most powerful of the church hierarchy had papal supremacy. The pope is able to excommunicate anyone that he believes should not go to heaven. Although the pope had a lot of power he fought with the Emperor during the Concordat of Worms. They compromised that the Emperor will give the bishop the fief and the pope gives them their spiritual authority. During the time of the crusades the Muslims had control of the Holy Lands. The pope wants to reunite Christianity, so he sends crusades to fight. If they don’t fight he can excommunicate them and take away their lands and riches. (Doc 9) In a monastery, a monk lives in total solitary service to God. Brother Gerald, a monk in training, promised to accept all the hardships and give up everything. (Doc 8) To show the power of the church, the Europeans constructed very detailed and beautiful cathedrals. The cathedrals illustrated the power of the church and all the money they spent on it. (Doc 10) These cathedrals had a different purpose besides their great beauty. They served to educate people on religious stories or to the people who were illiterate and learned from the pictures. All these achievements contribute to the Age of Faith because they show the church was successful and the center of power in Europe.
The Golden Ages is when Europe had an...

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