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Middle Agesofhistory Essay

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  • on October 17, 2013
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Unit 5
The middle ages
Feudalism, the crusades, and the great jihad
Rome fell in 476 AD, when the Western Roman emperor or Romulus augustulus was deposed.
Constantinople served as the capital of the Byzantine Empire. It replaced Rome as the cultural center or Europe. Became the wealthiest city in the world because it was at the terminus of land and sea trade routes. Whoever controls the city would control trade routes and its profits.
Emperor Justinian
Ordered the construction of Hagia Sophia, a former basilica, mosque and now a museum.   He also codified Roman law into the Corpus Juris Civilis, which served Byzantines for centuries. It is the basis of most legal in all of the western world today.
For 1000 years the Byzantines provided a buffer zone between Europe and the Arab powers of the Middle East. That would change in 1453 with the sack of Constantinople.
East-west schism
Roman catholic- pope – Vatican City – council of Cardinals
Eastern Orthodox- patriarch- Constantinople- eastern roman empire
This was a big deal when the crusades came about.
Mohammad was born in mecca in 570. He worked a camel caravan at an early age and moved up to manager later. The owner, Khadija, who proposed marriage which later occurred. In the time of Mohammed, Arabs were polytheistic. In mecca stood a temple filled with many idols, including the Kaaba. A mysterious black stone believed to have been sent from heaven during the time of Adam and eve. Since Mohammed no longer had to work he spent his time contemplating life. The angel Gabriel visited him and revealed the one true religion, which Mohammed reported to a scribe. Mohammed began to preach his new religion in mecca and spoke against the worship of false idols. He fled mecca for his life and went to medina- this is known as the Hegira. While in medina Mohammed converted the locals and organized his forces for an attack of mecca. He promised his followers salvation and 70 virgins if they died for Allah- thus...

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