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Milgram Study on Obidience Essay

  • Submitted by: AnnaLua1
  • on October 19, 2013
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The aim objective of this report is to provide evidence of why Milgram research on obedience is relevant to preparing students for working in hospital wards.  
The report was written based on information found after conduction a series of experiments. It revels danger of being influenced by an authority and worn about importance to stay cautious and be responsible for the actions you do.
Stanley Milgram was an American social psychologist who in 1960s conducted a serious of experiments that changed the world’s view on human behaviour. In his experiments, Milgram wanted to discover the reason of the massacres what happened in Nazi Germany during World War II. He was particularly interested to find out the answer the question - how many ordinary people are willing to cause pain to other ordinary people and why, if they have been asked to do so. He wanted to test his assumption concerning whether Germans were highly obedient to authority figures.
The Experiments
An advert was placed in the local newspaper asking ordinary adults males to take part in the study of the effects of punishment on memory and learning ability. Participants were promised that they would be paid $4.50 an hour no matter what the experiment results.
Participating in the experiment were the experiment’s "professor", the actor -"learner" and the subject – “teacher”. The subject was led to believe that the “learner” was also a participant.
At the start, they were asked to draw a “fixed lot" so that the subject would always be the teacher. Afterwards, the “learner “ was strapped down to a chair and electrodes were connected to his body. To show that shock is real, the “teacher” was given 45 volts from the electro - shock generator as an example of the shock the “learner” would receive during the experiment.
The “professor” and “teacher” were seated in a different room to the “learner”. The “teacher” was asked to seat in front of the shock generator console with a row...

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