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Milk Information Essay

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5 steps of processing milk powder
  1. Separation / standardization
  2. Preheating
  3. Evaporation
  4. Spray drying
  5. Packaging and storage
Separation / standardization - pasteurizing and separating raw milk into skim milk and cream
Preheating: - standardized milk is heated to temperatures between 75 and 120_c and held for a specified time

These are the steps where the problem begins

Bacteria count for the standard plate count: 50,000 per ml before pasteurization; 15,000 per ml after pasteurization for milk.

Because pasteurization destroys bacteria that cause souring, powdered milk has a longer shelf-life than raw milk and it does not require refrigeration.
So You can produce processed milk powder in Australia and then you can transport it to New York and sometimes it may be more than two months old and nobody knows it because it is still white. But if you had a tomato on the shelf for about two months it is obvious what would have happened to it, and if you process the same tomatoes and canned them nobody will know even it is one years old.

Raw milk also contains Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria which hold back the actions of harmful bacteria and that is why if we leave out a glass of raw milk in a corner at the room temperature it will just sour and if you leave out pasteurized milk, because it doesn’t have any beneficial bacteria or enzymes it will rot. And you know when you have rotted milk, it’s disgusting but when raw milk is just sitting out it only sours

So what happens in this powdered milk industry is we take a product that is natural, that is a source of nutrients for us and we are processing it to a point where it is no longer beneficial for us.
All this conflicting information diabetes , rumatoid arthritis, infertility, leucamia and cancer of the prostate, the breast, the ovaries and the colon and all of this because there are so many toxins that accumulate in milk in addition to the rocket fuel that is added...

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