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Evaluating Performance – Analyse performance and make judgements using appropriate technical terminology. This should be in relation to the range and quality of skills, and the range and effectiveness of fitness, tactics, strategies or compositional ideas.

Levi has two main strengths those are high clears and drop shots.

High clears are a good strength to have as they send you opponent to the back of the court and when returned correctly can be used to tire you opponent out. The technique used is seen quite clearly that it is correct as he is 1. sending his opponent to the back of the court 2. using just the right amount of force so it is powerful but not out of bounds. Also his stance is at the right angle ad hie is side on with his left foot just in front of is right shoulder width apart and directly underneath the shuttlecock. In addition to that he always raises his none racket arm so it is pointed towards the shuttlecock this could be to help his balance or his aim. The follow through of the racket is at the correct angle and velocity to propel the shuttlecock to his desired destination (back tramlines) he uses he’s feet to swing with his whole body as he goes from the balls of his feet to his toes and his ending position is his whole body is curved.

HIs usage and execution of his drop shot are also very strong and affective in gaining points. Tactically they are very helpful as they put your opponent at the edge of the net so you could send it to the back tramlines or they end up hitting the shuttlecock into the air giving the perfect chance to smash. His technique is of equal quality as he 1. start his stance in the same as his high clear but at the last second hits at just the correct angle so it becomes a drop shot using...

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