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Miss Essay

  • Submitted by: leahcobley
  • on September 18, 2012
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Business English: Input, Intake, Output within the MOGUL framework

Nina Kisin, BA
Higher Business School of Professional Studies, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
The aim of this paper is to give readers some insight into the area of teaching Business English, by following the Modular On-line Growth and Use of Language framework (further referred to as MOGUL). Its main objectives are to define Stephen Krashen's concepts of input, intake and output. These concepts change and adapt in accordance with the complexity of teaching Business English. The MOGUL framework, as an effective model of a successful teaching, would lead a reader through compelling interconnections between mind and language.
Keywords:   Business English, input, intake, MOGUL, output, Second Language Acquisition


      The concepts of input, intake and output are explored in many areas of Second Language
Acquisition. Linguists tend to debate on the dominant role of one of these in learning and/or acquiring a language. Few practical approaches to input, intake or output have been offered. Sometimes, the roles of intake and output are under the shadow of the role of input. The following lines would not be concerned with the importance of one or the other in learning a foreign language. On the contrary, the author highlights implication of all terms in relation to language learning. The author finds their applicability in the MOGUL framework, since it offers an excellent solution for teaching and/or learning Business English.

Business English for Intermediates: Input and Intake

According to Sharwood Smith, an input is “potentially processible language data which are made available, by chance or by design, to the language learner” (Smith, 1993, p. 167). This part of the input progression that leads to comprehension makes a connection between an input and an intake.
      Krashen claimed that input needs to be comprehensible....

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