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Gustav Stresemann is seen as one of ‘Weimar’s greatest statesman’ by many German people. The opinions of German people were that Stresemann was a savoir to the German people. Stresemann initially became the foreign chancellor in 1923 where it was the height of the post war inflation. However Stresemann lost his seat by the Reichstag. When Stresemann became a member of the National Liberal party, a National right wing party, Stresemann became one of the leaders of the more moderate wing who wanted an improvement in social welfare provision. German people started to like Stresemann when he was appointed into the Reichstag in 1908 as a member. Stresemann was liked because he was attracted to both German liberalism and was seen as a nationalist which German people liked because they wanted protect Germany from foreigners. However this wasn’t to last because Stresemann then had difference of opinion with his more conservative colleagues he was ousted from the committee 1912.
Gustav Stresemann was seen by many Germans as a German imperialist and he had no interest with other political views of Alfred von Tirpitz and Bernhard von Bulow who was a previous foreign minister from this Stresemann was strong supporter of the war effort and thinks that Germany should take possession of land in Russia and Poland, France and Belgium.   Historian Ruth Henig claims ‘Weimar’s position was undoublty strengthened by the foreign policy achievements of gustav Stresemann’.   Heing is saying that Weimar improved under Stresemann and Germans were starting to take notice of him.   His popularly began to improve.   During the war streman began to go on the right wing

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