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Miss Essay

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  • on October 5, 2012
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HNSC 1210 Nutrition for Health and Changing Lifestyles

Assignment 1

Due on June 6th   by 1:45 PM

*Staple the pages of the assignment together.   Please DO NOT put your assignment in a folder or binder as this makes the large number of assignments more difficult to handle.

Policy for Late Assignments:   10% of the total marks will be subtracted for each day that the assignment is late (i.e. 10% for 1 day late, 20% for 2 days late, 30% for 3 days late, etc.). If you are unable to complete the assignment due to medical reasons (medical certificate required) or compassionate reasons, please contact the instructor (send an email), preferably before the due date.

Marks for Assignment 1 = 36 marks

Total Marks for Assignment 1 & 2 = 20% of the final grade

Section A)   Analyzing Dietary/Nutritional Claims

1. Find an article that makes a dietary or nutritional claim.   The article can be from a magazine, newspaper, advertising pamphlet or the Internet.   The article is to be from the popular press (directed at consumers) not the scientific literature. A copy (or photocopy) of the article must be submitted with your assignment. [1 mark]

2. Write a critique (in point form) on this article.   Include the following information:

  a. Identify the topic (this is not always the title of the article) of your article and where it was published [2 marks].

  b. Describe the dietary or nutritional claim in your critique [1 mark].
      In addition, use a high-lighter (or underlining with a colored pen) to show the location of the dietary or nutritional claim (first time that it is stated) in the magazine, newspaper, advertising pamphlet or Internet article [1 mark].

  c. Discuss whether or not this article has the characteristics of valid nutrition information or whether it has the characteristics of nutrition quackery [6 marks – 1 mark per characteristic].   Consult Chapter 1 of your textbook for the characteristics to consider:

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