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Miss Essay

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  • on January 5, 2013
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How far did public health improve in the years 1845-1945?

Public health improved a great deal between the mid-19th and mid-20th century. This was due to three main factors: John Snow who worked to understand cholera, the Second World War which resulted in the NHS and the British government passing new laws like the 1866 Sanitary Act that literally cleaned up Britain.
John Snow is known for ridding Britain of cholera, a deadly disease giving sufferers diarrhoea and making them vomit. At the time, it was deadly – the constant loss of fluids caused such severe dehydration that the patients often fell into comas and died. Snow was an epidemic doctor, and the first to prove there was a link between water and cholera. In 1854, he worked on Broad Street in Soho, London. This street and those nearby had 700 cholera-related deaths within 10 days. Snow discovered that the water pump used by those who had died was different to the other water pumps used by the uninfected – he found that a street toilet near the area had a cracked lining which had been polluting the pump’s water, thus spreading the disease and killing all the users. Snow removed the handle of the contaminated pump so people were forced to use a safer one. This proved that cholera wasn’t caught through the air (the miasma theory was the common belief at the time) – direct contact with a cholera sufferer or drinking water contaminated by a victim’s faeces caused the infection. Dr. Snow’s discovery saved so many lives: people could take more precautions when drinking water and interacting with the ill, so the disease didn’t spread nearly as much. He also abolished the miasma theory – this shows how big of a part he played in improving public health. However, he didn’t have a solution to the problem as he didn’t have the money needed. Linking on from this, there was a reliable source of funding for John’s research...
The government! A heat wave in the summer of 1858 gave the Thames such a powerful stench that...

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