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Modern World Essay

  • Submitted by: bdrager35
  • on November 12, 2012
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As the Franco-Prussian war came to a close, Germany had now been unified under the leadership of Prussia.   In January 1871, “the Hall of Mirrors in Louis XIV’s palace at versialles, William I was proclaimed Kaiser of the second German Empire” (William J. Duiker, 7th edition, p.566).   A good portion of the German states that had been unified by Prussia as the second Reich began right after the unification.   After Germany was unified, the population grew enormously, the society went from rural to urban, and Germany grew from a feudal simplicity to a great power which had Europe terrorized throughout the First World War. This unification of Germany led the germans to a failure to establish their democracy, multiple causes that enhanced their economic growth, and the higher importance of banks to help the economy.   The Prussian leadership of Germany had now caused a new German state, “with its industrial resources and military might, the new state had become the strongest power on the continent, a new European power was currently at hand” (William J. Duiker, 7th edition, p. 566).
The German nation state that had emerged under the leadership of Bismarck had been set up to mimic the modern Western Parliamentary state.   There were both cultural and state problems that were involved with this democratic movement which had been previously implemented.   During the rise of the German Reich, Bismarck had successfully protected his royalist state through a various amount of acts that gave up certain privileges to the middle class which made the people of the middle class very unhappy.   Other Western society’s had normally been mainly industrialized to lead the fight for parliamentary democracy and also to have their share of their power.   The Germany political culture had sought unification since the movement of the Nationalist of the post Napoleonic Europe.   The feat was almost impossible unless it was under a strong leadership that Bismarck had set a very heavy price for to...

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