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Monitor Repair Essay

  • Submitted by: icecreamsundae
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Monitor Repair" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

AOC Monitor repair ( sample aoc 1619/1620 )

--entering service mode
  1. turn on
  2. unplug power cord
  3. hold "Menu" connect power cord
  4. go to Exit ( should be labeled F and NOT Exit)
  5. settings are automatically saved

  1. remove stand
  2. slide at edge of frame.. push in then push back panel towards outside
  ** always check first ( no power or no display )
    a.   check VGA Cable
    b.   check voltages ( model will carry 5V and 12V )
        -to check, open aluminum cover underneath back panel, only 2 diodes to check.. at the secondary and at the inverter side, see reference picture
        -secondary On/Off column must charge 3 to 4V to power on
  ** if one bulb is defective, safety IC at inverter will shut down remaining bulb to prevent burn-out
  ** bulbs can be replaced, especially if out of warranty
  ** to check if signal is thrown from the video board to the inverter, trip of On/Off at secondary ( if there's power but no output )
  ** at secondary, if there's 5V but no display, check connector on video board to power switch board @ WHITE CABLE
  ** if screen flickers, clean LVDS cable. Connector from video board to LCD panel

qualifications for voiding of warranty coverage
1.) evidence of solder in any of the board panel
2.) scratches at the LCD Panel
3.) evidence of rust at any interior part
4.) evidence of watermarks in any part of the interior
5.) evidence of physical damage on the frame of anywhere
2.) cracks in any part of the monitor

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