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Monkey- Moral Lessons. Essay

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  • on February 20, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Monkey- Moral Lessons." from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

61: “There is always defeat in victory and victory in defeat”
Monkey had stolen wine and fruit from the Green Jade Pool and when the Jade Emperor found out he issued an attack on Monkey and his companions. The Jade Emperor sent deities to find and capture Monkey. At the end of the first attempt the Jade Emperor’s Deities had captured all of Monkey’s generals and those that escaped except for Monkey believed that they had been defeated. In rebuttal Monkey uses his magic and was victorious.   (pgs- 56-61)

82: “Works of damnation cannot lead to salvation.”
The Bodhisattva and Hui-yen came across a monster when they came to The River of Sands. This monster was originally a marshal and because he had broken a crystal dish was banished and transformed into a Monster upon the orders of the Jade Emperor. The Bodhisattva questioned the monster because he was being punished for a sin and is was still committing sins by eating travellers who happen to pass by the river.
“If the Government gets hold of you they’ll flog you to death; if the Buddhists get hold of you they’ll starve you to death.”
The monster replied telling the Bodhisattva that it didn’t matter how many travellers he ate or the fact that he ate them because he would still be stuck in the river trying not to starve either way.
“Heaven helps those who mean well”
The Bodhisattva made the monster an offer and told him about how they were on a quest to find a seeker of scriptures.   He told the monster, who they gave them name Pigsy, that if he were to do penance by fasting and being the seeker’s disciple all of his sins would be forgotten. (pgs 80-82)

90: “He who fails to avenge the wrongs done to a parent is unworthy of the name man.”
Hsüan Tsang has finally learned the truth about his past. He as lived his life as a peasant and when he grew older was admitted into priesthood. One day when he was discussing the doctrine a priest insulted Hsüan Tsang asking who he thought he was and telling him that he...

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