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Monopoly Essay

  • Submitted by: wonderboy44
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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In societies all over the world the board game Monopoly is played by children and adults. The Parker Brother’s game has been sold in 37 different languages; over 200 million copies have been sold, is claimed to be the most popular game, and has also been sold in 103 countries. In America millions have played and is a normal and acceptable “American Past Time.” From a functionalist perspective the board game teaches and expresses many of the American values such as; equal opportunity, personal achievement and success, obtaining material comfort, progress, and the idea of democracy and free enterprise. The functionalist perspective represents society as system containing various parts that all work together to achieve social solidarity. The board game Monopoly has many rules and norms. There have even been Monopoly Etiquette Guides written for the serious players as well as tournament players.
The rules of the game are pretty easy to follow.   The object of the game is to become the wealthiest player through buying, renting and selling property.   Each player is given $1500 to begin the game. A player must be elected to be the banker and sell property, houses, hotels, and pay the $200 salary that is collected each time a player passes go. The banker is also responsible for collecting fines and taxes owed.   The spaces on the board are all labeled and include; GO, Jail, Chance, Community Chest, Taxes, Free Parking, and pay rent when landing on an opponent’s improved property.   However in my Sociology we played by a different set of rules.
Our professor gave us a different set of rules to play by which including labeling people by race, gender, and money. That was surprising to me given that the original rules were designed around everyone having equal opportunities for advancement in the game. From the very beginning I didn’t think it was fair that some players started with more money or were a male over a female. As a result of these new rules...

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