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Montessori Management Essay

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Google, Amazon, Wikipedia and many other big names of the technology industry support
the same methodology: The Montessori management. This educational approach encourages
creativity, teamwork and experimentation. As an example, Red Bull has installed a reception
desk in the form of a giant skateboard in its London office.

This article questions whether it is good or not to follow this model of human development.
Many industries support Montessori management; Google is one of them. The bosses of
Google promote the Montessori education because they believe in thinking differently.
Moreover, Mr Wright argues that the game Sim City was directly inspired by this approach.
However, it would be wrong to conclude that the success of these companies only comes from
the use of Montessori management. Jake Breeden, a management thinker at Duke Corporate
Education, pointed out that too much emphasis on teamwork can lead to a situation where
managers rely mainly on their team and are afraid to take decisions. In addition, excessive
collaboration can affect creativity because of groupthink, conformity and mediocrity.
Finally, Montessori management praises the idea of open-plan offices. As a matter of fact,
70% of all offices in America are now open-plan. According to a survey by Gensler, a design
firm, most of workers say that open-plan offices are very noisy making it hard to concentrate
on their work. Ironically, going open-plan contradicts one of Montessori management’s
objectives as workers say that it hard to collaborate under these conditions.

In conclusion, this article leaves us with an uncertainty about the future and leads to this
question: will this educational approach survive?  
Furthermore, should we expect workers to move back into separate booths, and abandon the
idea of open-plan?   If this happens, it would mean that we are back to the traditionalist ideas.

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