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Morality in Grimm Brothers' Books Essay

  • Submitted by: imiulia
  • on October 7, 2012
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While clearly pertaining to the fantasy genre, Grimm brothers’ tales have many realistic themes (family, marriage, fortune, heredity, power) veiled by an accessible language, an unambiguous style and an atmosphere of childish naïveté. However, the world evoked in the book does not belong to the children: innocence is sanitized (e.g. Hans in Luck), while manipulation and inveiglement are praised (e.g.The Raven). This collection is not a moral guide as it gives practical lessons about life. The unsuspecting reader does not enter a magical childlike land, but he progressively masters the art of manipulation.
In the midst of this imaginary universe that abounds with mythical symbols, supernatural creatures and anthropomorphized animals, an abominable rule stands as fundamental principle: not to be manipulated, but to manipulate. For example, Clever Grethel deceives both the guest and her master and distorts the appearances in order to hide her gluttony. In “The Raven” the cavalier does not only trick three men to rescue the princess, but treats them condescendingly “Now you good-for-nothing fellows, you have got what you deserve”(page 31). Moreover, there is no mercy for the gullible characters. Hans (in luck) remains “void of care” after repeatedly being conned. To survive, win or conquer one has to know the value of things and of social order and practice the maneuvers to achieve them. Gold and manipulation are the way to power such as marriage is the path towards rank.
In this fictional universe, the hero is not ennobled with outstanding moral or physical qualities because the stories are a reflection of life itself, of the old or modern society. No fairytales, but only adult stories enciphered with a simplistic language and decorated with fairytale- like motifs. Collected from ordinary people, Grimm brothers’ stories depict a symbolically essentialized universe in the image of reality (”that is the way of the world” -Cat and Mouse in Partnership –page 39)....

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