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Mordern Literature and Post Mordern Essay

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  • on October 20, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Mordern Literature and Post Mordern" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Modern literature : rebels against traditional

Modern literature generally refers to the time around the Second World War.   After the Second World War people were drained and bored of the previous norms of writing and wanted new tones and expression to literacy. As a whole because people wanted a break from the realistic and representational writing, writing became more abstract and more based arts, technology, current events and daily living . Modernists wanted to change the traditional modes of representation and introduce more writing on the sensibilities of their time.   Ezra pound had said ‘make it new’

Poetry- e.e. cummings. Eg.
‘Since feeling it first’
E.E Cummings was a poet who was born in 1894 and died in 1962. His style of writing was extremely modern because he used a distinct personal style.   Sometimes he would even make up his own words, often by combining two common words into a new synthesis.

Literature- William Faulkner
Architecture- Frank Lloyd Wright
Art- Jackson Pollock
Music- Milton Babbitt and Pierre Boulez
Dance- Isadora Duncan
Drama- Samuel Beckett
Film- Orson Welles (Citizen Kane)

Post modern history :completely new.

No boundaries, not sticking to the fashion not following other forms of texts. Not copying.

Post modern literature is a literacy movement of the 1950’s which really came into the spotlight after modern literature did. Post modern was a completely new form that didn’t stick to the traditional forms, it rejected to please popular taste and combines with heterogeneous elements (not the same) making it more suitable for more sophisticated readers.   There is no structure and does not follow any rules as it is individual and has no desire to copy other types of texts. . Post-modernist texts tend to require extensive explanations as

Deconstruction- the idea that any formal structures are only in the eyes of the interpreter, not inherent in the work itself, and these formal structures can be...

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