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Most Admirable Person in My Life Essay

  • Submitted by: sisinadee
  • on October 6, 2012
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The Most Admirable Person in My Life

      In the world, people are admired because of their personality, wealth, popularity and their talents. Reasons are different from person to person. But, I think one should admire people who are special and important to them. For me, my mother is so special to me. She is the most admirable person in my life due to many reasons. Some of them which I most appreciate are her love and caring, hard working and social working.

      My mother always has a great caring about us and all other family members. She does everything she can do on behalf of her children and the husband. She takes care of all of us before taking care of herself. To our father she treats like a mother. To us, she is a teacher, a friend, a mentor and a guardian. From our childhood, we all were raised with a lot of love and caring. Although, we are grown now it has not been decreased even a little. I still can remember, when my mom prepared foods she every time looked for foods we preferred and were healthy for us. She always tries to make us happy by providing what we like. And also, the days she spent sleepless when we were sick were uncountable. She also maintains relationships with all our relatives by visiting them when she gets a chance and treats them with her best. Another good thing is, she takes care of her paralyzed parents. Every day she goes to see them and does whatever they want her to do. Mom never worries about the things she has to do for all of us. She thinks it is her responsibility and duty. Without her love and caring, I will not be like I am. This is the main reason I appreciate her in my entire life.

      Another reason why I admire her is, she is a hard working woman. My mom is just like the sun in our family. She starts the day early in the morning before we all get up and goes to the bed after everyone in the family goes to sleep. When we were schooling, she arranged our breakfasts and lunch quickly and brought us to...

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