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Motivation Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: Motivation 1

Wendy Reyes
BUS 201: Principles of Management
Instructor Yamile Bandera
August 1, 2015

Motivation 2
    Motivation is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. People have different types of needs, desires, and goals. So I think that it depends on the individual and what they want to achieve. The need for achievement, affiliation, and the need for power often drives most people in today’s world, but workers today are focused on basic rewards like job security and the value of their paychecks.   When managers are effective in motivating “they are giving the employees the authority, training and resources to make decisions within defined boundaries” (Weiss, 2011). Through these actions, employees gain the power and potential to both grow and strengthen the company then the outcome can be beneficial to an organization.   McClelland describes individual human needs as empowering, participation, giving employees a voice in making decisions about their work and the ability to solve complex problems within their area of expertise.   There are two categories of motivation that employees and managers can possess.   Intrinsically motivated behavior is performed for its own sake which means that it comes from doing the work itself and having a sense of appreciation for the work that they do in general they love what they do and like coming into work and the next type of motivation behavior is extrinsically motivated behavior which is performed to acquire material or social rewards or to avoid punishment; however it is possible to possess both qualities.   The last motivation behavior is called pro-social behavior which is performed to benefit others.   "Preliminary research suggests that when workers have high pro-social motivation, also having high intrinsic motivation can be especially beneficial for job performance" (Jones & George, 2011).    There are a number of different...

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