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Motivation in Teaching and Learning Essay

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  • on September 20, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Motivation in Teaching and Learning" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Teachers are fundamental to schools and society in general as they train and build the future of society all over the world as they enhance the knowledge and skills of the next generation of the workforce. There are certain factors that influence people to wish to become teachers, however this tends to alter throughout the course of a career as a result of teacher stress and burnout and a lack of or change in motivation.
Some common motives for persons becoming teachers may be for financial gain or as a result of a passion to teach. According to a research studies that began in 1923 by David Newmark about motives for entering teaching, it was found that “motivation for becoming a teacher is a result of two vectors: individual attitude toward the occupational values of teaching and self-concepts of the need for becoming a teacher” (Mori 1996). In a questionnaire undertaken at Michigan State University in 1963 with participating students taking a course in teaching, one of the questions asked was on what basis had they decided to take up teaching as a profession. The study found that 48% of men and 33% of women did it as a result of their own judgments and desires, whereas 41% of the women and 30% of men did it because they wished to and as a result of the advice or influence of others.
The study also found that an average of 68% of participants responded saying rather easy when given the statement “it is easy to find a position in the teaching profession”. This displays a factor that may motivate people to become a teacher as they would feel confident when looking for a job once they are qualified. Although the study also concluded that teaching did not provide a very high income, with an average of 55% of participants answering with not so good to the statement “The teaching profession provides a relatively good salary”. In relation to other professions, salaries in the teaching profession are falling, despite the increased demands being placed on...

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