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Movie Analysis- Before Sunrise

  • Submitted by: linda51330
  • on January 6, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Throughout this movie there are plenty of conversational strategies and skills like fillers, open-ended questions, listener expressions, and so on. First, I am going to list some fillers in this movie. Jessie used a lot of fillers while they talked about how’s Jessie’s trip in the lounge car on the train, because it was embarrassing to talk about his awful feeling of this trip so he didn’t know how to answer so use a lot of fillers to he said:” Yeah, sure, yeah… It's been, um...It sucked. You know...”. Another example is that Celine also used some fillers during her speaking like this sentence,” No,yeah….. well, you know. I haven't...I haven't killed anyone lately.” In this situation was that Celine was trying to use humor to cover the truth that looking on bright colors was useless to her. Next are those questions and those can divide into two groups, one is opinion question, and another is description question. For opinion questions like, ”How’s your trip?”,” What do you think?”,” What do you think would be the first thing about me that would drive you mad?”,” So, how was Madrid?” and I think the most impressing description question was “Describe for me your first sexual feelings towards a person.” in this movie. As for disclaimer, it’s hard to find some after they both got familiar with each other because they would directly use “but”,”no” or directly questioned each other, but I find one while Celine was talking about the idea of Jessie’s episode, she said:”I can……I can see that 24 boring hour...sorry, i...i…”, here she used sorry as a disclaimer, and I also find out they would use “wait, wait” as a tool to interrupt or to repeat and question what she/he just said, like, “Your girlfriend?”Finally, as for listener expressions, there are really many of them in this movie. As to show surprise, there are” What? ”everywhere in this movie and” Really? ”; to show positive and agreeing, “sure.”, “of course”, “I understand”…and so on; to summarize, there’s a sentence at...

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