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Movie Review

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  • on August 7, 2015
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Amazing Grace Movie Review
The following is a movie review on Amazing Grace. Amazing Grace is a British-American biographical English drama of the year 2006 (Metaxas, 58). The film is directed by Michael Apted, written by Steven Knight and running for 120 minutes. The movie campaigns against slave trade common in the British Empire (Aiken, 102).
Who was president?
A breakthrough that tends to help Wilberforce with the slavery issue is the elected president. His friend William Pitts becomes the Prime Minister and Wilberforce a key confidant and supporter (Dargis, 1). Pitt helps Wilberforce with his anti-slave trade bill
Setting of the movie
The movie is set up in British Empire. A hostile environment for blacks and with strong British Politician, whose greed, is to conduct slave trade and discriminate the Africans by selling and shipping them for hardship jobs. Some few characters led by William Wilberforce are not happy with this racism, and so they fight to abolish the trend.
What time period(s) was the movie set?
In accordance to (Metaxas, 58), Amazing Grace concentrates on the period in the 18th century between 1780s and 1800s. During this period, William is involved with the campaigns to stop slave trade among Africans.

What were civil rights of the day for minorities?
Civil rights are a class of rights laid down to protect people’s freedom from being infringed by social organizations and government to ensure that there is no discrimination in a civil society (Dargis, 1). Africans were subjects of kidnapping, suffering, and unrelenting hardship. They as well suffered from discrimination on grounds of their race, national origin, color, and ethnicity. Civil rights didn’t apply to slaves; they were not equal to the whites, a factor that made the government and organizations trade such people.  
What historical events did the movie present to the viewer?
The film shows, a history of how color was a...

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