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Mr. Hign Js F Essay

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  • on October 17, 2013
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How does Wilfred Owen use language, imagery and verse form to present his feelings and experiences of war in Mental Cases.


The poem mental cases was written by Wilfred Owen during World War 1 (1914-1918). During the war Wilfred owen wrote poems with the intention of exposing 'the old lie'.   That dying at war was a good honourable thing. The poet also uses a variety of devices through out the collection, with the intention of conveying the mental and physical effects of war. The poet tried to use his poems to enlighten the reader of the harsh reality of warfare, which greatly contrasts to the 'accepted' view on war. However it can also be argued that the poet is used language and imagery in-order to invoke a sense of guilt in the reader.

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The poet uses language and imagery to convey a variety of themes, such as the ageing effects of war. This can be seen in Mental Cases through the quotation 'Gouged these chasms'. This is effective as it conveys the ageing effects of war. It connotes that the war had such a negative impact that the solders who partook in the war have been aged before their time. This theme is conveyed through out the collection, most notably in Dulce Et Decorum Est, where the solders are described as 'old beggars'. These descriptions of solders are effective as they greatly contrast the commonly held view on solders in turn both shocking the reader and conveying the brutal reality of warfare.

The poet also uses language and imagery in order to convey a theme of blame and responsibility. The poet uses this theme to different effect through out his collection. It can be seen in Mental Cases as the damaged solders are 'snatching after us who smote them'. This is laying the blame on the people who encouraged solders to go to war. This would greatly effect a reader at the time as there would be a high likelihood they themselves would of encouraged solder(s) to go to war. This would invoke a sense of guilt in the...

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