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Mr Meshal Essay

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All of us are caught in the orbit of the ‘’administration, and management’’. so since we are in ‘’management program’’, I said to myself why I don’t talk about our field, so   obviously all these scientific basis, and a systematic approach going for it administrations institutions began at a specific time from the past. Through research I found this name Frederick Taylor.
Frederick Taylor says in his book Management work shop, issued in 1930, ‘’The art of Management is the accurate knowledge of what you want than men do, and then make sure they are doing work with the best way’’.    
Ok let’s take a glimpse of his life. Taylor- honorable life.
Born Frederick Winslow Taylor in Philadelphia, USA on March 20th, 1856 family belong to the class liberal supreme, and the fact that his father, a lawyer provided has a wealth of sufficient real property did not make him have to continue to function regularly, and his mother was pro-active for the movement for the Emancipation of slaves, and women’s movement, and was told it had the establishment of a place to hide, and assist runaway slaves, and the parents are members of the society of Friends. They believe in supremacy of thinking , and simple life, have learned Taylor at an early age self – control, and helped raise him on the principles of society of Friends to avoid conflicts with his counterparts, and the settlement of the points of disagreement between them, All these concept, and perception helped him in implementation process.
Before 1880 there was no scientific basis, and a systematic approach going for it administrations institutions, they have adopted those departments mainly on the experience and skill only. Until Frederick Taylor that young engineer who came time to change those ideas lay the principles of scientific management, it stressed that the managers should work based on in – depth scientific study related to the field of work, and not the administrative work at event, experience or skill only.

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