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Mrs Gren Essay

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Is it alive?

This essay is going to describe and explain the significance and meaning of nutrition, respiration, excretion, reproduction, growth, sensitivity and movement.

To explain and describe this, Eddy the sheep (see figure 1.1 p.4) will be used as an example to explore the differences of nutrition, respiration, excretion, reproduction, growth, sensitivity and movement and how they link to one another.

Movement is the ability for Eddy the sheep to physically move from one place to another or change his position. His body is made up of an endoskeleton which protects all his vital organs and helps keep his shape. Joints in Eddy’s body occur when two bones meet. This makes his skeleton flexible for movement. Muscles come in pairs called antagonistic muscles and are necessary for movement and are made up of tough, elastic tissues that pull on the bones when he moves. His bones, along with tendons, ligaments, and cartilage enable him to do physical activities. (Dowshen 2009)
The importance of Eddy being able to move is so he can hunt for food, find shelter, run from predators and reproduce with other sheep.

Respiration releases energy from glucose in cells. It happens in all living things.   For Eddy he eats grass and other pasture plants. By eating he is creating energy. To create energy from fuel, mitochondria convert fuel (grass) into convertible energy. When Eddy bites into the grass and passes it into his mouth, the mouth begins to break down the food by chewing and releasing salivary enzymes which are produced by the salivary glands. Once it has broken down into smaller chunks and swallowed, it passes from Eddy’s mouth into his esophagus, which is a long tube running from the mouth down to the stomach. The esophagus works by rippling muscle movements forcing food from the throat into the stomach chamber.   Once the food reaches the stomach, it will begin to churn food in gastric acid. The food will then be partly digested. Once this stage is...

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