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Ms. Jules Essay

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In recent years there has been much discussion of doctors unionizing in the United States. But in some countries, doctors have long been unionized. How does this work? What are recent developments? What are the implications for their approach for physician unions in the U.S.? Support your positions.

Doctors typically join doctors unions to have a greater voice in patient care, salary and other issues. It has been projected that the numbers of doctors who join these unions will increase due to the fact that patient management and patient care decisions are increasingly being taken out of the hands of physicians and into the hands of the insurance agencies. I am on the fence about how I feel about doctors unions if the motivation to join a doctors union is solely based on the negotiation of fees as I do not know any doctors who are broke. I do realize that salary is just one facet of this situation.
I’m not sure what kind of power a doctors union would have or how doctors could benefit from a union if they don’t have bargaining leverage by a means of striking and work stoppages. I am not sure how a doctor can lawfully, morally or ethically participate in a work stoppage or strike due to oaths or doctors creed.

What role can unions play in helping the U.S. maintain or regain its competitive position in the world.

U.S. companies are in trouble as foreign companies manufacture higher quality products at lower costs. In the past most U.S. managers saw labor unions as a threat. One of the main goals to a labor union is job security. A union could help the U.S. to maintain its competitive advantage by making industry wide bargaining contracts because an industry wide contract can include foreign companies that operate union shops in the U.S. In an industry wide contract representatives of all firms negotiate one nationwide union contract for all firms in a particular industry. Unions help keep competing firms in business, thus protecting the jobs of their...

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