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Ms Peare Essay

  • Submitted by: epeare
  • on October 6, 2012
  • Category: English
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english                                                                         Etta peare
                                                                      Argument essay


In general, religion sets out to be idealistic, to achieve good and encourage their members to be better people. On the surface, they provide a vehicle for individuals to account for things which otherwise would be unexplainable and offer a safety valve for the relief of guilt. They also provide a framework that serves as a code of behavior. They do this via the mechanisms of commandments and sin. The latter can be defined a behavior proscribed by a religion.                
                Many religions nationally encourage believers to consider those who are less well off than themselves. All these attribute operat at the level of individual, which many may argue is the correct level for religious activity. So much for the good news, now for the bad news, which unfortunately outweigh the good news be a considerate amount. When things go wrong, when there are fractions between communities, the unbelievers becomes an easy target for the blame.
          It is easy to become self-religious and look down upon those we consider to be inferior. These feelings are not of course, stated aims of religious leaders, but they do gain strength in an environment where there is fear and a lack of understanding. Wherever there is disputes between factions of society, whether it be of a racial, nationalistic or class-base nature, religion is often brought into the equation to recruit support from within a religious base, whether or not that support is justified indeed, religion becomes the embodiment of evil, quite contrary to its original intend At both the society and...

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