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Multitasking Essay

  • Submitted by: bubblypoops
  • on January 5, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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The success rate of getting two things at once is very slim and also varies on the situation. Many people believe that taking a shortcut by doing two things at once will benefit by being efficient, but in many ways it actually does not. By doing two things simultaneously produces half hearted products and they will not have good quality. People should focus on one task instead of taking the heavy load of jumping on two at once. Multitasking actually takes longer to finish responsibilities but causes stress and the need to multitask even more, it is a bad cycle to begin and extremely difficult to stop.
After school, many students tend to complete their homework while watching their favorite television show or listening to music and believe that they would still be able to complete their homework. Although they do complete it, the quality and the effort are never there because of cramming before bed time and this could also cut into rest. Also, it affects studying because when a student multitasks while studying the information can travel to the wrong part of his/her brain where information is not meant to be stored. Also, time can be taken away from the brain slowing down and many students are forced to do last minute studying which hardly ever helps in a difficult quiz or test.
In reality, multitasking causes stress for our brains rather than doing things one after another. The brain slows down even from doing a simple task like talking on the phone while emailing and also deducts points from a persons IQ. Human interaction is also threatened by multitasking and studies show that it could also lead to a form of autism. By doing little things, it can cause ripples beyond our control and cause unintended outcomes.

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