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Muppets Bio Essay

  • Submitted by: katya7711
  • on September 18, 2012
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Kermit the Frog
Kermit is an Amphibian; he lives on both land and in water, when he isn’t in the studios that it. He has green skin and gills (so he can sing underwater as well). Amphibians have three chambered hearts. Did you know that Kermit was originally a reporter for Sesame Street’s news flash? And he was actually tricked into marrying Miss Piggy, but he doesn’t believe that it’s a real marriage.
Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy, being one of the few ladies, has internal fertilization. She also obsesses over Kermit the frog and stardom. To show her love for Kermit, she tricked him into marrying her and karate chops him a lot. To store all this love of hers, she has a four chambered heart.
Fozzie Bear
Fozzie Bear is an orange, fuzzy haired bear, who wears a brown porkpie hat and a poke-a-dot neck tie. Fozzie Bear is the comedian of the group, but really isn’t very good at jokes, and his punch line is “Waka Waka”. To tell all these jokes he breathes air using lungs, just like u and I.
Rowlf the Dog
Being a dog, Rowlf breaths air using lungs, just like us, he can also generate his own body heat. Rowlf is a fuzzy brown and long eared, but Rowlf is a very special dog though, because he can play the piano and sing!

Sam the Eagle
Sam the Eagle is a very patriotic bird who is all for culture. He believes that it is his duty to protect and promote morals. He is a blue feathered eagle and believes that the Sound of Music was written by Shakespeare?!?!
Musical chickens
Being chickens, they have internal fertilization, but lay eggs. They also have very highly efficient respiratory systems, used for singing and clucking their songs! The Musical Chickens also have magical musical abilities, from singing, to playing instruments!
Armstrong the Chicken Hawk
Being a bird, Armstrong can generate his own body heat and has a beak or bill. Armstrong is also a very grumpy bird, who co-hosts on ‘The Animal Show’
Uncle deadly
Uncle deadly is a dry, scaled, blue skinned...

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