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Music Essay

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  • on September 18, 2012
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What is a theory? Describe the steps in criminological theory building, and explain the role that social research plays in the development of theories about crime

A theory is a set of interrelated propositions that attempt to describe, explain, predict, and ultimately control some class of events. Theories positive relationships, often of a causal sort, between events and things under study.   A theory’s explanatory power derives primarily from its inherent logical consistency, and theories are tested by how well they describe and predict reality. The steps of criminological theory building are as follows: correlation is observed, questions are raised about causes, theory is proposed, theory-based hypothesis develops, the hypothesis is tested and theory-based social policy results. The role of social research serves to provide models that provide a better understanding of criminal behavior and that aid in the development of strategies to combat the crime problem.

In other words, a good theory provides relatively complete understanding of the phenomenon under study, while at the same time carefully made observations support predictions based upon it. A good theory fits the facts, and it stands up to continued study. Theory is very important to the creation of crime maps. Theories, once created, must be tested to determine whether they are valid and modern criminology has become increasingly scientific. Development of hypothesis must be created to test the theory. For instance, “Judging book by its cover”. Once this put to test to determine if the statement is theoretical or not but it sure does depend on situation and information provided.   One can make hypothesis stating that the way one presents themselves physically is going to reflect that individual as whole. Once the hypothesis has been created must be tested to determine whether this statement is valid or not. This is truly based on scientific experiments and study. Unfortunately, many contemporary...

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