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Muslim Marriages Essay

  • Submitted by: ggeezy93
  • on February 19, 2012
  • Category: English
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Mohamed Bah
Professor Janet Call
Composition 1535
3 February 2012
                                              Marriage in My World, Islam!
Coming from a Muslim background, over the years, I have come to learn that there are plenty of things out there which look different from the outside than from the inside. Marriage has different definitions in different countries, different religions and different cultures; whether it is an African American groom jumping over a broom to celebrate the beginning of a new life or a German groom who kneels on the hem of the Bride's dress to declare his control over her. Wherever it maybe from, whatever culture it maybe from, and whichever religion it maybe from, but Marriage has a different symbol in each religion and culture. It can be radically different depending on the particular culture’s view on religion. Religion is a large part of marriage in most cultures. Growing up in a Muslim culture, I have come to realize that it may not be the type of marriage I would want.
I have observed many different marriages in my lifetime weather it’s my parents’ marriage, which has lasted for twenty-four years so far, or my relatives’ and friends’ marriages. Although all relationships differ, do Muslim marriages have any significant similarities which make them worth observing?   How are the mothers being portrayed in these marriages? The fathers are upheld as the king of the household, being catered by our mothers whenever and wherever possible. A woman in a Muslim family has to take care of her husband just as much as the husband has to look after his wife, but it seems as if the women who have a greater responsibilities. My mother recently had a new-born child. Also, I’ve notice when a Muslim African-American woman has a child, it is fully her responsibility to take care of the child, and meanwhile the husband has no affiliation. Learning that confuses me in so many ways. If the man and his wife had equal contribution in having that...

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