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My Experice with Reading and Writing Essay

  • Submitted by: mg181991
  • on October 4, 2012
  • Category: College Admissions
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Michelle Gonzalez                                                            
Prof Frey
English 100 D16
September 23, 2012

              My Experience with Reading and Writing  
My experience with reading and writing is good. My family love reading. They have been reading since they were little kids. I didn’t start reading until I was nine years old. My early experience with reading and writing was ok but I did have hard times here and there but I'm getting better with it. The books that I like are chapter books, short stories and kid’s stories. My mother help me be a better writer so I can do stuff that I want to do in life like be a waiter and fast-food places that you have to order for people but with a hand writing that they cant read they will not hire you and for you will need to know big words to work with kids in public school in elementary school.
First of the books is the chapter book. The reason that I read the chapter book is that I can read the books for days and remember what I am reading and I can tell the class. I read this kind of book is because I want to get a feeling of the whole story and to see what will happen in the end with the people that are in the story. When you are reading chapter books can help
You know good words.   The stories might not end the way you think it is going to end.   I love chapter books because it shows that I am getting better with my reading. The chapter book can tell you a story that you will understand and it can expand your mind about that book you are reading and you will like it more then when you first get it. You do not want to put down the book when you start. The chapter books will stories that you will like to read and you can keep it as long you want and not get bored of it.
I pick the short story is that I love reason this kind of book when I am bored or if there is questions I have to answer to the story. There are awesome short stories like...

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