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My Family Essay

  • Submitted by: seanengland1985
  • on August 7, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Choice 2
A traditional family is defined as a group of people who are related by descent, marriage, or adoption. This was true back in the 1950’s when this was the ideal family household (78 percent). Now that number has dropped drastically to about 20 percent in the year 2000. The views of the traditional family has changed, now families can consist of two mothers, two fathers or even siblings being legal guardians to their younger siblings.   The normal traditions of the past no longer exist; even the number of people being married has lowered, but divorces are at an all-time high.
With the trend of a traditional family household decreasing many people wonder which type of household was better. It’s between a family household, non- family household and alternate forms of family. Neither one in my opinion is better than the other. The point of a family is to learn from one another, grow, and utilized what you learned to your later years in life. These values can be learned by whomever. There is a show I watch called “Becoming Us”, it involves around a family with a transgender parent. The family first consisted of a mother (Suzy), father (Charlie/Carly) and one son (Ben). Now that the father is transgender the parents are now divorced and its only Ben and his mother Suzy. Spoken by Ben the only thing that changed is his father looking and dressing like a female, but the goals set by his parents they are still enforced. Ben is now in a single-parent family alongside his mother and he states he is still a young successful teen.
I watch allot of genres of television from the 1960’s to 2000s. One thing I notice is how much society has evolved in what they think a family is supposed to look like. From the 1960’s until about the year 2000 you start to see a big change from the traditional family house hold. It went from the traditional residence of people related by blood, marriage and adoption to the alternate form of family consisting of single family households...

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