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My Healthy Eating Plan

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University of Phoenix
The Science of Nutrition
January 8, 2012

    I have a very busy weekly schedule and I never have time to eat breakfast in the mornings, nor do I take time to eat a decent lunch.   Those are the two things that I am trying to change.   I know that I don’t eat like I should I am always hearing it from my co-workers.   My diet compared to the food pyramid confirmed everything my family and co-workers has been telling me, I am not eating enough.   I am not getting enough servings in the milk, vegetables, grains, fruits and breads. My intake from the dairy family was hardly anything, if anything at all.   The only vegetable servings that I got were from the 2 slices of pizzas I had, and two slices of whole wheat bread and 3 servings in the meat group all of which is below the recommended servings in the food guide pyramid.   I have this fear of becoming overweight, and I know that is an issue I have to deal with.   I will start modifying my diet because of the physical activity I am involved in so that I will began to get the recommended servings for each food group by following the super tracker guidelines.   I have decided that in order for me add more muscle it is important for me to start and continue to eat healthy.   My doctor has told me that I am borderline diabetic and I should work on trying to lower my triglycerides a little.   Even though I have not been confirmed with having high blood pressure, it does seem to be elevated every time I visit my doctors.   But that is where the physical activity will help with that. There are no favorite foods that I like, I don’t crave or desire food like some people I know do.   Now that I am doing weight training, and to gain more muscle mass I have to eat more, of the right foods.
    My plan for implementing a healthy eating plan in my daily life is to eat more, but at the same time eat healthier.   I have begun to write out my daily schedule for what to eat and that...

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