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My Local Fruits Favourites Essay

  • Submitted by: farahain
  • on February 18, 2012
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I relish eating local fruits. In my youth, I climbed rambutan and guava trees to pick and eat the fruits right off the trees. These days, I pick the Indian mango or the nona or “kedondong” (great hog plum), standing just below the trees. More often than not, I buy them from the fruit seller.
My favourite is the Indian mango. The fruits vary in the size and shape. They can be as big as my palm or double that of a huge man’s hand, averaging between 4 to 7 inches long to 3 inches wide. When ripe, the skin is either yellow or orange or greenish-yellow with a yellow or orange-red flush. In shape too, they vary from almost round to narrow oblong or oval. They are slightly beaked at one end with a bulge at the other side. The mango flesh is bright yellow, very juicy and sweet to taste. It has an aromatic smell which is sometimes strong or almost absent. The stone or seed is fibrous and large, sAnother favourite of mine is the nona. There are two varieties : the “Nona Capri”, the custard apple and the “Nona Seri Kaya”, the sugar apple. The fruits of the custard apple are almost round, about 4 inches wide. The colour is dull green with a pinkish flush, ripening to a dull red. The skin is thin but quite tough and is covered with faint, criss-cross markings which are slightly raised but are not easily separated into segments. The flesh is creamy white and slightly granular. It has a thick custard-like consistency, rather sugary and flavourless. There is a slightly fibrous central core. Round this core are many unattached black seeds embedded in the flesh. The small oblong seeds look shiny and smooth and are smaller at one end.sometimes flat in the new strains but in good species, the fibres are short.
The other nona, the sugar apple has fruits which are almost round, about 3 inches wide. The fruits are covered with round knobs easily separable. The skin is pale green when ripe and covered with a greyish bloom. Some may have a dull pink look. When ripe, the fruit is soft and...

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